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About me and this website

I am Sharon Feissel, living in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, CA.  Thank you for visiting Images & Interpretations.  That title represents what I have done in photography--take photographic images and, sometimes, make of them or from them creative interpretations, some of which are just decorative, but a number are concept-based images that may be symbolic or carry a message.  More recently, I have been exploring painting and mixed media, so a third, rather small gallery has now joined the other two.  The website is never completely up to date (sigh), but I am trying.....

Where my work is shown

We used to run up and down the highway, delivering our work to or picking it up from this competition and that exhibition.  We seldom do that now.  Although not an owner, I am a founding member (as is my husband, Gus) of Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, CA.  I do the gallery's monthly article to The Petaluma Post, as well as its monthly newsletter.

Occasionally, Gus and I participate in area art events or a show at a winery, but being in Riverfront allows us to have our work on view on a continuous basis.  I haven't often sought publication, but one of my images, Blind Sight, was in the Nov.-Dec. 2006, issue of Camera Arts Magazine.  Art Buzz selected four of my images for their hardcover publication, The 2008 Collection.  The images were Dawns of Time, Kinesia I, Kinesia II, and Landscape Ribbons.  And as part of regular gallery news, several of my works have appeared over time in The Petaluma Post.


Most photographs and interpretive images you see on the website have not been developed as prints or shown in the gallery.  I have put them on the website as a way of sharing with viewers the lovely and interesting places we have been and to give a sense of each place without loading on too many examples.  Should you see something that you think you might like to have, please contact me to find out about its availability.

Negatives, Slides, and Digital Images

Some images on this site began life as print negatives, some as slides, and some, more recently, as digitally-captured images.  All original photographs were taken by me and all artistic interpretations were done by me.  Furthermore, I control the printing of my works on both paper and canvas, and frame in wood or metal.

Transfer of Title & Copyright

By purchasing a print, you are buying title to that particular print only.  Please understand that, under copyright law, you have not purchased the right to copy (copyright) or to reproduce the image in any form, including on a website.  Should you be interested in using the image for a specific purpose, please contact me about a licensing agreement.

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