About Me & the Website

Thank you for visiting Images & Interpretations.  The website's title represents what I have done in photography--taking images and, sometimes, making of them or from them creative interpretations.  The creative works are sometimes just decorative, often are experimental, and, in a number of cases, are symbolic and may even carry a message.  More recently I have begun to explore painting and mixed-media, so a third, rather small gallery has been added to the prior two. 

The purpose of the website is  not to show gallery work (although those pieces are here) but is to share the lovely places we have been able to go and to present enough to give a sense of place without overloading the site.  Thus most images on the site have not actually been prepared as prints.  However, if you should see something of interest, please contact me through the website at sharon@images-and-interpretations.com or at my regular email at stardust@sonic.net.  The website is almost never completely up to date (sigh), but I am trying.....

I am Sharon Feissel, living in Santa Rosa in the Sonoma County, CA, wine country.  Just minutes out the door, we are amid vineyards.  Forty minutes puts us on the Sonoma coast.  An hour gets us to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It is seldom too hot in summer or too cold in winter.  Ideal.

Where to Find My Work

Although not an owner, I am a founding member of Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, CA (as is my photographer husband, Gus).  I do the gallery's monthly article for The Petaluma Post, as well as the monthly newsletter (available on their website: www.riverfrontartgallery.com).  Riverfront opened in the Fall of 2007, just as the economy began to slide, but the gallery is still there... 

Gus and I used to run up and down the highway delivering this work to a show, picking up that work from an exhibition.  Now we only occasionally do an art event or a show at a winery.  The advantage of the gallery is that our work is continuously on view, and we can display whatever we choose to.

I have never really sought broader recognition or publication.  However, one of my photographs, Blind Sight, was published in the Nov.-Dec., 2006, issue of Camera Arts Magazine.  Art Buzz selected four of my pieces to include in its hardcover book, The 2008 Collection.  Over the years, as part of general gallery publicity, several of my images have been published in The Petaluma Post.

Negatives, Slides & Digital Images

Some images on this site began life as print negatives, some as slides, and some, more recently, as digital shots.  All original photographs were taken by me and all artistic interpretations were done by me.  I print on paper and canvas and frame in metal or wood, whichever is more suitable or logical.  Please see the section on print sizes, prices, and shipping that follows this section.

Transfer of Title & Copyright

By purchasing a print, you are buying title to that particular print only, not to the image itself.   Please understand that, under copyright law, you have not purchased the right to copy (copyright) or to reproduce the image in any form, including on a website.  Should you be interested in using the image for a specific purpose, please contact me about a licensing agreement.

That is a general overview.  If you need more information, please contact me. 

Once again, thanks for visiting Images & Interpretations.  I hope you find the viewing interesting and perhaps even thought-provoking.   



Print Sizes, Prices, and Shipping

Costs depend upon a number of things.  Odd sizes, in particular, cost more for their size than other pieces, since everything that has to be custom cut obviously is more expensive and ordering small numbers of a particular item is also more expensive.  However, to make our prices as fair as possible, we use a formula to work out the price of each piece, whether of a standard size or custom size.   Below are some of the most common print sizes and prices.  

For shipping, I use a professional shipper who boxes artwork to UPS standards.  Since there are often choices to be made, I give him your contact information so that the two of you can work out the shipping details.  Large pieces do incur an additional "oversize" fee from the shipper.  Glass is, of course, riskier and shippers require additional packing to minimize breakage.

Prints on paper matted to:

11 x 14     are   $  50

16 x 20     are   $120

18 x 24     are   $160

A print on canvas (giclĂ©e) is relatively more.  For example, an 18 x 24 on stretcher bars is about $215.  At this size framing can easily be $100 or so, but that probably still is quite a bit cheaper than if you take it to your local framer. 

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